Who likes money?

If only it grew on trees. If anyone finds that darn tree please let me know.   Are you a spender or a saver?  I am proud to say I am both.  I do, however, like to save whenever I can.  The picture below is a fine example of how anyone can get a similar […]

20 FABULOUS RECIPES… for July 4th

JULY 4th RECIPES (Part 2)  What can I say?  I am hooked on 4th of July recipes!  Unfortunately, I keep seeing the same recipes over and over again on Pinterest.  It was then I decided to venture off on a search of my own.  You will not believe what I found. Below are pictures of […]


ALL ABOUT STRAWBERRIES… If you are like me AND love fresh summer strawberries then YOU are going to LOVE the desserts below. Each dessert was found on Pinterest.  All links to these delicious recipes are listed directly under each photo. Do you have summer strawberry recipes?  Please share if you do! Make it a great day!


GREAT IDEA FOR PUZZLES Do you have any challenging puzzles at home that you have absolutely no idea how to put back together?  Well… I do and I came up with a simple solution to keep those darn puzzles together. I was sick and tired of seeing puzzle pieces scattered throughout the house.  I am always […]