Who likes money?

If only it grew on trees. If anyone finds that darn tree please let me know.   Are you a spender or a saver?  I am proud to say I am both.  I do, however, like to save whenever I can.  The picture below is a fine example of how anyone can get a similar […]


OF WHAT IS COMING THIS FALL – As the summer passes I’m excited at the thought of reopening my Etsy store…  bellabargains.etsy.com In four short months I had almost 300 sales which included thousands of old fashion colored paper straws.  I also sold many favor bags and boxes that were carefully coordinated with themed birthday parties. […]


RAINBOW LOOM – Super fun rubber band bracelet making kit! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!!!   Seriously… I’m pretty crafty.  I could have easily grabbed a few rubber bands, stuck them together to create bracelets AND then made MILLIONS!  Ughh… We were obviously one of the last families in town to get our Rainbow Loom […]