Attn: Babies (Plagiocephaly/Flat-Head Syndrome)

This is a wonderful article regarding children with Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).   For those of you not familiar with Plagiocephly, it is a condition that causes a baby’s head to develop a flat spot.  As we all know, babies spend most of their time sleeping and tend to stay in the same position (laying on their […]

Hearts & Braids

Valentine’s Day is almost here!   The candy is hidden and ready to give my children on Friday.  I’m excited to surprise my kids with pink heart shaped bagels for breakfast from a local bakery.  Friday will be one of those days that it’s ok to have some candy for breakfast.   Good luck to the teachers on […]

Snow day!

It’s been a while since I last posted.  I ended up getting sick over the holidays with walking pneumonia which wasn’t fun.  Thankfully, the basement flood is finally cleaned and we are at the beginning stages of remodeling.  I look forward to eventually sharing photos of the new and improved basement. In the meantime, it’s been […]

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

This list is so true and well worth taking a couple of minutes to read.  I read it from Lesley Carter’s blog and new I had to share. 30 THINGS TO STOP DOING TO YOURSELF Written by:  Marc Chernoff. As Maria Robinson once said, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone […]

Who likes money?

If only it grew on trees. If anyone finds that darn tree please let me know.   Are you a spender or a saver?  I am proud to say I am both.  I do, however, like to save whenever I can.  The picture below is a fine example of how anyone can get a similar […]


OF WHAT IS COMING THIS FALL – As the summer passes I’m excited at the thought of reopening my Etsy store… In four short months I had almost 300 sales which included thousands of old fashion colored paper straws.  I also sold many favor bags and boxes that were carefully coordinated with themed birthday parties. […]


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MIX  BABY POWDER & SANDY TOES… I encourage everyone to give it a try (at least once) if you haven’t done so already, especially IF you have small children.  When you sprinkle Baby Powder on sandy wet messy toes it makes the sand come off effortlessly.  It’s true.  I do it all […]


CAN YOU TELL WHICH WATCH COSTS…  $39,800? Try to pick out the one that costs $4,950. How about the two $30 watches… Can you find them? Click on the link below to go directly to the POLYVORE site with prices. GOOD LUCK! GET THE LOOK FOR LESS! WATCHES… by bellajackets featuring silver jewelry Cartier bracelet / […]


GREAT IDEA FOR PUZZLES Do you have any challenging puzzles at home that you have absolutely no idea how to put back together?  Well… I do and I came up with a simple solution to keep those darn puzzles together. I was sick and tired of seeing puzzle pieces scattered throughout the house.  I am always […]


CREATIVE CAR TRASH BIN I got this wonderful idea from Pinterest.  Trust me… YOU are going to LOVE this idea! Do you transport kids in your car? Are they messy kids and drop “stuff” all over the place? Do they eat in your car and then drop the wrappers the minute they are done? Do they […]

Bachelorette Party

IT’S A GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!! Below is a sneak peek of items in my Bachelorette Etsy Treasury.   Simply click on the photo to go directly to the website. Love this adorable “Bride To Be” banner! Calling all brides… bridesmaids… AND maid-of-honors! Today I had fun making this “Bachelorette Treasury” on Etsy.  If only they […]

Chocolate Room

AN ENTIRE ROOM MADE OUT OF CHOCOLATE!  Wow!  Imagine what the Easter bunny does at this sculptor’s house!  It only seems fitting to post this article as Easter is just around the corner.  After two weeks and 1,300 lbs of Belgian chocolate, this woman created an entire room out of chocolate at a shopping center. […]

The boxes have arrived!

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see at least 10 boxes piled high in front of the garage.  It is truly amazing that the orders were placed at different times and yet they all arrived today at the exact same time.  I was even more happy knowing that hubby wubby was not expected home until […]


Bella Bargain straws are flying off the shelves!  No sooner do I get them, they are sold, packaged and shipped to a new location.  My Etsy buyers have said that the straws are for themed birthday parties (including an 80th bday), anniversaries and lots of weddings.  It’s so exciting to know that my straws are […]

Welcome to the Bella Bargains Blog!

That sure is a lot of B’s!   My love for party planning prompted me to open Bella Bargains.  My first store is  Not sure why but I love the name BELLA!   The store consists of mostly vintage items as well as beautiful children’s jean jackets (hand decorated with gorgeous fabric by… ME!), beautiful […]