I dream about having a MUDROOM!  A beautiful… gorgeous… HGTV/House Beautiful mudroom.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve trip over football/hockey equipment, shoes/sneakers and coats that are thrown on the floor of my front entrance.  Ughhh… It’s pretty sad that a mudroom is top on my list of things I want.  Not a trip to […]


UP AND AWAY IN MY BEAUTIFUL… MY BEAUTIFUL BALLOON – Despite the fact that we never got the chance to experience the amazing thrill of soaring high in a hot air balloon adventure… we still managed to have some fun with balloons. It’s just my luck that the rain decided to driveeverymotheronthecapecrazy follow us all the way to Cape Cod.  […]


Shut the… FRONT DOOR!  I did it!  I spent one morning when the kids were in school and painted the blessed front door.  It desperately needed a dark color color since the white was covered with a zillion scratch marks.  Some areas looked like massive skid marks from my kids coming and going with bikes, hockey […]


RAINBOW LOOM – Super fun rubber band bracelet making kit! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!!!   Seriously… I’m pretty crafty.  I could have easily grabbed a few rubber bands, stuck them together to create bracelets AND then made MILLIONS!  Ughh… We were obviously one of the last families in town to get our Rainbow Loom […]

CAPE COD – Before & After

BEFORE & AFTER  – SUMMER HOUSE KITCHEN (Cape Cod) Every summer we do new projects to our Cape house.  Sadly, we haven’t spent much time on the outside since our indoor projects take up all our time.   For over ten years out home was a rental property.  We had a lot of cleaning to […]


QUICK & EASY… BEFORE & AFTER – $3.00 Candlestick Holder THIS DIY PROJECT IS SO EASY!!! All you need is a very cheap yard sale find AND a can of black spray paint that works on metal.  I happened to have a can at home already so I didn’t have to spend money on the […]


FUN AND CREATIVE WAY TO USE MISMATCHED TEACUPS – These adorable teacup candles could  be used for favors at a bridal shower or an afternoon tea.  Find  pink, blue or yellow teacups and use them as favors for a baby shower .  They are also a perfect gift for that special someone for birthdays, Mother’s Day, […]


Here is the real color… This is a SIMPLE and yet fun DIY project for kids of all ages. We ended up making a few of these flower pots as gifts.  It was such a big hit… everyone loved it.  This one I kept for myself.  It’s actually bright red but I changed the setting […]