A SPLASH OF BLUE IS ALWAYS WELCOME – from–Maine-contemporary-family-room-portland-maine–traditional-family-room-san-diego


TO A SECOND STORY SUMMER HOUSE DECK… You can’t go wrong with white furniture and a few items that add color/comfort to an outside deck. Below are BEFORE & AFTER photos of our deck on Cape Cod.  It’s been two years since we built the second story deck.  Each year I try to add something new. I […]


HOW ABOUT ADDING A  SPLASH OF SUNSHINE IN YOUR HOME? It’s amazing how much one color (especially yellow!) can brighten up and change the entire look of  a room.  My son’s room is a soft shade of  yellow.  I recently changed his curtains to red which look amazing against the yellow.  We also have yellow […]


IF YES… You’ll love what a splash of ORANGE can do to a home.  Paint over a chair, table or old frames with a bright/fun shade of orange.   Add orange pillows to brighten up a family room or bedroom.  Maybe you’d prefer a burnt orange instead.  Regardless of which shade of orange you decide on… this color […]


How about adding a little bright GREEN to your room? I never thought about using a bright green color when decorating a home until I saw these pictures.  I picked my favorite photos from  If you are looking to add a simple splash of color to any room… then you will want to check […]


A SPLASH OF TURQUOISE BRIGHTENS UP ANY ROOM Who doesn’t love turquoise? I love the color but never know where to put it in a room.  The photos below have given me terrific ideas.  I think turquoise would look fabulous in a summer home. Enjoy the photos from my favorite website… Have a wonderful […]


BLUE & WHITE REMINDS ME OF A SUMMER COTTAGE There is something about putting blue and white colors together that reminds me of a gorgeous beach house overlooking the ocean.  My summer home on Cape Cod is full of blues, whites & yellows.  Below are  photos from my home as well as beautiful photos from […]


A SIMPLE SPLASH OF RED CHANGES A ROOM COMPLETELY – from I’m not sure why… BUT I absolutely love a room that has RED in it! I don’t have a lot of red in my house but did manage to add a few fun items on my enclosed porch.  I have a vintage red cooler, […]


ANYONE UP FOR A SWIM IN ONE OF THESE GORGEOUS POOLS?  from I’m thinking it isn’t possible to refuse an invite to one of these lovely pools if ever the owners decided to send me one.  Heck… I’d be so excited I wouldn’t be able to help myself as I gracefully entered the beautiful […]


GORGEOUS OUTDOOR THEATERS – from Who wouldn’t love to watch a movie in one of these backyards?  Add some popcorn in an old fashion bag, a nice cool drink with a old fashion paper straw and extra snacks and you are good to go. does have old fashion straws and popcorn bags in stock […]


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING OUTDOOR SPACES – from I don’t know about you BUT I would LOVE LOVE LOVE an outdoor area exactly like these.  There is nothing better than relaxing with family and friends in your own back yard.  I’m thinking I probably want to spend the night in one of these outdoor spaces IF […]