Tonight was a brownie night.  After dinner I decided to make the most delicious/healthy brownies.  They were a huge hit and even my kids loved them. Here is the recipe.  This recipe was found on one of my favorite blogs.  Be sure to check out other healthy dessert recipes while you are there. Happy Friday […]


It’s that time of year to get the PEEPS out!  Even if you don’t enjoy eating them as much as the kids do… they are perfect for decorating this Easter. Below are creative ideas on what you can do this Easter with PEEPS. Enjoy! A festive way to serve lemonade or any drink this Easter.  […]

Attn: Babies (Plagiocephaly/Flat-Head Syndrome)

This is a wonderful article regarding children with Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).   For those of you not familiar with Plagiocephly, it is a condition that causes a baby’s head to develop a flat spot.  As we all know, babies spend most of their time sleeping and tend to stay in the same position (laying on their […]

Valentine’s Day!

Only one more day until Valentine’s Day!  It was another NO SCHOOL snow day at our house and my kids were thrilled to be home.   Meanwhile, I continue to count the days until spring! Below are 30 super EASY recipes and crafts for Valentine’s Day.  Most of the items needed are already in your home.  I bet you […]

Hearts & Braids

Valentine’s Day is almost here!   The candy is hidden and ready to give my children on Friday.  I’m excited to surprise my kids with pink heart shaped bagels for breakfast from a local bakery.  Friday will be one of those days that it’s ok to have some candy for breakfast.   Good luck to the teachers on […]

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Tonight I made healthy BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER BITES and they were delicious!  If you like the taste of spicy buffalo then you will love these little spicy bites.  I have never been a big fan of cauliflower until tonight.  These were a big hit at  my house and I can’t wait to make them again.  They took all […]

Snow day!

It’s been a while since I last posted.  I ended up getting sick over the holidays with walking pneumonia which wasn’t fun.  Thankfully, the basement flood is finally cleaned and we are at the beginning stages of remodeling.  I look forward to eventually sharing photos of the new and improved basement. In the meantime, it’s been […]

Happy Thanksgiving…

There is nothing better than baking during the holidays.  In between meeting with restoration guys who have spent days at my home trying very hard to dry out my finished/carpeted basement after a 2″ flood (pipe came out of water heater) I still managed to find time to bake.  I even sent the guys off with some goodies. […]


Almost three years ago this December we adopted our daughter from China.  We spent Christmas and New Years in Hangzhou.  It was a holiday I will never forget and it was by far the Happiest New Year I have ever had. Our journey was not easy, especially since we ran into nothing but problems throughout the […]


Not sure if you are aware of the wonderful world of CAKE MIX RECIPES.  I had no idea until Pinterest entered my life way back when.  Because I am constantly jugging kids activities, sports, etc… I’m all about quick and easy whether it be baking/cooking or DIY projects, especially when I know my time is […]


I dream about having a MUDROOM!  A beautiful… gorgeous… HGTV/House Beautiful mudroom.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve trip over football/hockey equipment, shoes/sneakers and coats that are thrown on the floor of my front entrance.  Ughhh… It’s pretty sad that a mudroom is top on my list of things I want.  Not a trip to […]


It’s the day after Halloween and if you have little ones at home like I do… then chances are your house is filled with Halloween candy.  I don’t know about you but I am already counting the days until the candy is GONE.  If you don’t have kids at home but purchased candy for the little neighborhood goblin’s then I’m […]


We all know from my last posting that I do NOT like carving pumpkins.   I am, however, thrilled to share some amazing crafty/non carving ways to decorate pumpkins this Halloween.  The ideas are endless and some are very easy to do with children. I have listed 20 of my favorite pumpkins.  You will find the link directly […]


Tis the season to break out the PUMPKINS!  Not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way… BUT I am being honest when I say I do not like carving pumpkins.  Never have.  Never will.   I can’t stand the mess, hate the smell and I do NOT like sticking my hand inside to clean it.  BAHhumbug!  […]


There are so many different ways to make lasagna.  Since I’m half Greek… I have to say that my absolute favorite is Pastitsio.  Even thought it’s not called “lasagna” it is a delicious pasta dish. Just recently I enjoyed an amazing Pastitsio dinner at a nearby Greek Festival.  Local festivals are so much fun and the food […]

Burlap + Mason Jars = LOVE IT!

If you are like me and love mason jars… then you are going to love this easy DIY.  Simply wrap a piece of burlap around a mason jar, add twine, top off with an adorable colored straw and fill with a beverage of your choice.  I’m thinking apple cider would be the perfect beverage in […]


Tis the season!  It’s fall here in New England but I have to say these last couple of days felt like summer with 90 degree weather.  Thankfully, it has finally cooled down but it still doesn’t feel like fall. Today I wanted to share a fun find about candy apples.  The picture below isn’t what you think.  A […]


BUT I LOVE WHOOPIE PIES – There is something about the fall that reminds me it’s time to warm up the oven and bake a big batch of old fashion WHOOPIE PIES.  Maybe it’s the cool crisp air that puts me in the mood but whatever it is I absolutely love making them.  My kids […]


For some reason my kids were begging for chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  No clue why since they had choc chips in their pancakes that morning.  In any case, I eventually gave in knowing they had a day off from school. I wasn’t in the mood to make cookies from scratch so I looked on Pinterest […]