It’s that time of year to get the PEEPS out!  Even if you don’t enjoy eating them as much as the kids do… they are perfect for decorating this Easter.

Below are creative ideas on what you can do this Easter with PEEPS.


A festive way to serve lemonade or any drink this Easter.  Here is the detailed info.

Warm up with this little PEEP!  Check this out.

Easter Peeps Kabobs

It’s a PEEPS KABOB!!!  A little mix of sugar and fruit makes everyone happy!  Check out this site for more details.

Easter Peeps Cupcakes

EASTER PEEPS CUPCAKES – Adorable!  Details here.


Peeps Pies Recipe

PEEP PUDDING PIES – Say that five times fast!  Very cute…  Details here.

HOMEMADE PEEPS – Feeling creative?  Check out this recipe.

peeps in chocolate fondue

EASTER PEEP FONDUE – Both adults and children would LOVE this!

PEEPS S’MORES – S’mores aren’t just for summer!  Details here.

Little ones will love drinking from this decorated straw.  More info here.

chocolate peeps collage.png Homemade Chocolate Peeps

CHOCOLATE DIPPED PEEPS – I’ve got paper straws if you need any.  Detailed dipping info here.



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