Attn: Babies (Plagiocephaly/Flat-Head Syndrome)

This is a wonderful article regarding children with Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).   For those of you not familiar with Plagiocephly, it is a condition that causes a baby’s head to develop a flat spot.  As we all know, babies spend most of their time sleeping and tend to stay in the same position (laying on their backs) which puts pressure on certain areas of soft little skulls.  Within time this area can develop a flat spot where their head is resting on the mattress.  Eventually, some babies get the diagnosis from the doctor and are instructed to wear a white helmet in order to shape the head.  Here is detailed information regarding Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

Maybe you were shopping when you noticed a small child wearing a plain white helmet and you had no idea why.  Maybe your adorable bouncing baby is wearing one right now as you are reading this.   In any case, Plagiocephaly is common, treatable and now thanks to a very talented artist it is very fashionable.

Paula Strawn is a creative artist/painter.  She brings sunshine to so many babies after parents get the diagnosis that there child must wear a helmet.  For many it can be devastating news, especially knowing that many parents enjoy putting beautiful bows or adorable hats on their babies.

Strawn paints gorgeous custom designs on helmets.  After reading this article today in HUFFPOST PARENTS, I couldn’t help but share this information.

It all started when Strawn was asked to paint a helmet for her friends granddaughter.  One thing led to another and 12 years later Strawn continues to paint gorgeous designs on helmets for babies all over the United States.  She currently runs her own business,  LAZARDO ART.

Such a wonderful way of adding a splash of positive sunshine after a child is diagnosised with Plagiocephaly.  Instead of people asking why a child is wearing a helmet they are now curious and can’t help but comment on the gorgeous design.  Parents are now able to educate others regarding Plagiocephaly.

I am writing this in the hopes that I reach families who are interested in having their helmets painted.  If you do decide to place an order… please send me a picture of your adorable child wearing their new fashionable helmet so I can post it on my site.

Below is contact information for Paula Strawn at Lazardo Arts.

Lazardo Arts: Website

Paula Strawn: Facebook


Call or Text:  310 367 9589

Gallery of Helmets:

Below are pictures of some of my favorite helmets.


flat head

Go Patriots!!!  Can’t help myself… I’m from MA!!!

Love the beach art!  Perfect if your child is wearing the helmet during the spring/summer.





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