Valentine’s Day!

Only one more day until Valentine’s Day!  It was another NO SCHOOL snow day at our house and my kids were thrilled to be home.   Meanwhile, I continue to count the days until spring!

Below are 30 super EASY recipes and crafts for Valentine’s Day.  Most of the items needed are already in your home.  I bet you never thought you could add a little love to lasagna, grilled cheese and fried eggs.  Below you will find TEN recipes for breakfast/lunch/dinner, TEN delicious dessert recipes and TEN craft ideas that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.



Who doesn’t like heart shaped eggs and toast?  Simply cut out the center of toast with a cookie cutter.  This could be done for any holiday.  Get the four leaf clover cookie cutters ready for next month!  More info here.

Need some heart shaped bacon with those eggs?  Check this out.

How about cooking up a delicious pan of lasagna for that special someone this Valentine’s Day???  Try cooking it in a heart shaped pan or write a message on top with red sauce (put sauce in sandwich baggie and make a small hole at the bottom).  Check out this Hearty Lasagna Recipe.

Hearty Lasagna Recipe

Grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup will warm your heart this Valentine’s Day!   Try dipping your grilled cheese in maple syrup.  Someone once told me it’s delicious.

Even Dominos in Japan is getting into the spirit by offering heart shaped pizzas.  This could be done at home with store bought dough.  Are you living in Japan and ready to place your order?  More info here.


Add some extra love by putting heart shaped pepperoni on your pizza.  Use your  smallest heart shaped cookie cutter or fold over the pepperoni and cut by hand.

How about serving a basket of warm heart shaped rolls with your lasagna?  No need to fuss with homemade dough.  Store bought will do just fine, especially if you are limited with time.  More info here.

Valentine Dinner Rolls

It’s heart shaped Spinach Turkey Meatloaf  for Valentine’s Day!  Feel free to replace with whole wheat bread crumbs if you’d like.

Turkey Spinach Meatloaf

How cute are these heart shaped pancakes and bananas?  Add heart shaped strawberries to this wonderful breakfast.


Everyone loves strawberries dipped in chocolate!  Here is the delicious recipe.  This is a fun project to do with little ones.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Hard to believe this is a TWO ingredient fruit dip.  The soft pink color makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Heart shaped cake pops with red and white paper straws.  You can also make these with cookies, brownies or even Oreos.  I have straws in all colors at my Etsy store ( if anyone needs any.  Mention this blog tomorrow only (2/14/14) and save $1.00 on every package ordered!  No limits.

These EASY Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Best part of all is that they are made from a cake mix!

The BEST Christms cookie you will ever eat and so easy to make!

Kids love helping with this fun pretzel dessert.  I’m almost certain your little ones will sneak bites when you aren’t looking.

Valentine's Day Buttons Post Image

It doesn’t get any easier than this… TWO ingredient fudge recipe.

2 ingredient fudge recipe

Strawberry hearts go on everything!  Simply cut in half and you are good to go.  Add to fruit salads, place on cupcakes or put on top of your child’s oatmeal.  Here is a strawberry muffin recipe.

Delicious heart shaped brownie/ice cream sandwich.  Use your favorite brownie mix and ice cream.  Strawberry ice cream would add just enough color for Valentine’s Day.  Try dipping the edges of the ice cream in white and red sprinkles for added color.

Here’s a fun way to decorate marshmallows with paper straws on Valentine’s Day.  This would even make a nice centerpiece for a baby shower.  Remember you can save $1.00 on every package of straws ordered tomorrow only at  Mention this blog before placing an order.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a fancy heart shaped muffin tin to make heart cupcakes.  All you need is a marble or roll up a little tinfoil into a ball and place in the muffin tin near the wrapper.  More details here.

Heart Cupcakes


This card is one of my favorites and I’ve made it many times with my kids for grandparents, teachers, bus drivers, etc.  I always make an extra card for myself so I can tuck it away.

Crafting with celery!  This isn’t just for Valentine’s Day.  This beautiful picture and/or card could be made for other occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, etc.

Celery Painting

We did this craft last year and it was a big hit.  More info here.

Anyone remember making these as  kids?  We make these every year.  We like to make the head smaller and add a heart for the body.  Then we add legs and arms with hearts at the end.

Little fingers will love this project!  Grab some leftover tissue paper and glue pieces on a piece of construction paper.  This can also be done with red tissue paper.  Not only will your kids have fun creating their own masterpiece but it will brighten up any room.   Here are the instructions.

Don’t worry if you don’t have special wiggly eyes for this owl.  Be creative and have your little one make their own eyes with markers or even hearts.  More details here.

Here is a fun bird feeder project for Valentine’s Day.

Hang these colorful sun catchers by the window for an extra splash of color.

Decorate paper straws for Valentine’s Day or any holiday.   Special ETSY ( Valentine’s Day SALE tomorrow only.  Mention this blog and save $1.00/package of straws.  No limits.  Detailed information here regarding this craft.

valentine's straws


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