Hearts & Braids

Valentine’s Day is almost here!   The candy is hidden and ready to give my children on Friday.  I’m excited to surprise my kids with pink heart shaped bagels for breakfast from a local bakery.  Friday will be one of those days that it’s ok to have some candy for breakfast.   Good luck to the teachers on Friday!

Over the years I have seen lots of Pinterest pictures of kids wearing heart shaped braids.  Today we had a little extra time before the bus arrived so I decided to give it a try.  Surprisingly, it was much easier than I thought and my daughter was thrilled to wear this new style to school.  She is such a good sport (on most days) to allow me to do all kinds of different hair styles.  Not sure how her heart braid will look upon her arrival to school since it was ZERO degrees out this morning and I had no choice but to put a warm hat on her head.  Oh well…

Below is a picture from this morning.  Feel free to check out my hair folder on Pinterest for other terrific hair styles for both children and adults.  There are several heart shaped styles in that folder.   Also check out my Valentine’s Day folder that is overflowing with recipes, crafts, etc.

With any luck I’ll  have time again tomorrow and on Friday to try different Valentine’s Day hair styles.

Have a great day!


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