Not sure if you are aware of the wonderful world of CAKE MIX RECIPES.  I had no idea until Pinterest entered my life way back when.  Because I am constantly jugging kids activities, sports, etc… I’m all about quick and easy whether it be baking/cooking or DIY projects, especially when I know my time is limited.

For a while I’ve been saving cake mix recipes in a folder on Pinterest.  Today I am featuring DUMP CAKES.  There is nothing better than a recipe that tells you point blank to dump-it-all-in-a-pan… don’t touch it… don’t mix it… don’t do anything but bake.  Not only do I love these simple instructions but the best part of all is that there is only ONE pan to clean (yahoo!) AND it doesn’t get cleaned until everything is eaten.  Can you say… EASY PEASY?

Below is a small collection of DUMP CAKE RECIPES.  I’ve made a few in the past and they are delicious.  They are also perfect for large parties, cookouts and events with a lot of people.  They can easily be made before an event and delivering warm is an added bonus.

It’s sunny but cool (36 stink’n degrees!) in Massachusetts!  Sick of the cold already and it hasn’t even snowed yet.  Ughhh…  It’s going to be a long winter.  Time to get the oven warmed up and do some CAKE MIX baking!

Happy Thursday!

Image for Mom's Apple Cake {Apple Dump Cake}

APPLE DUMP CAKE… Key word:  DUMP!!!  Dump all 4 ingredients in a pan!

PEACH COBBLER DUMP CAKE – Here is the recipe. Classic Dump Cake #recipe #cakes

CLASSIC DUMP CAKE – Pineapples & Cherries – FIVE ingredients!

DUMP CAKES – 2 EASY ways – Blueberry & Cherry

LEMON CAKE MIX – Check this recipe out!

APPLE/BLUEBERRY DUMP CAKE – Here is the recipe.


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