I dream about having a MUDROOM!  A beautiful… gorgeous… HGTV/House Beautiful mudroom.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve trip over football/hockey equipment, shoes/sneakers and coats that are thrown on the floor of my front entrance.  Ughhh…

It’s pretty sad that a mudroom is top on my list of things I want.  Not a trip to Hawaii… not a new car… not a diamond necklace… but a blessed mudroom.  Unfortunately, our house does not have the space needed for a mudroom.  After repeatedly tripping over things my head couldn’t help but spin.  The spinning was not caused by tripping in the front entrance way nor did I hit my head and suffer a concussion.  Instead the DIY ideas were going a mile a min.

I’ve got some pretty solid mudroom plans sketched in my head.  I managed to be very creative with limited space.  After much thinking (& googling) I finally came up with the perfect plan.

I decided that I could create a mudroom in my oversized two car garage.  It will definitely work.  Problem is it’s not on the top of the TO DO list.  We have so many other projects (new bathroom, new floor in kitchen/family room, new tile floor in front entrance, new garage doors, new windows, etc.) ahead of mudroom plans.  Unfortunately, I have no choice but to put my amazing idea on hold.

In the meantime, I continue to search for new ideas.  Today I decided to share some creative mudrooms.  Below you will find pictures and links to each mudroom.  I absolutely love all of them.

Happy Sunday!

LAUNDRY/MUDROOM in the GARAGE!  Here are the details.

Love the draws at the bottom.  Here is another fabulous DIY mudroom.

Feb 2010 061
Would you believe that this was once a coffee table!  AMAZING!
LOVE the look of this.  Loving the soft blue color.
If only mudroom dreams could come true.  Here is the link.

Feels like summer in this mudroom.  Perfect for a beach house.

Amazing before and after photos!  Check this out.

Check out  this IKEA MAKEOVER!  Such a fabulous idea.                 

Closet turned mudroom.  Here are the DIY details.

11 thoughts on “MUDROOM MAKEOVERS

  1. I too have a love affair with mudrooms, and dream of a very large one connected up with our laundry room. As our space is very small, I think this will be a wish list item until we find a new home!

      • To alleviate the hockey gear pile up, we sectioned off a very small area in the garage, and put up 2 athletic storage units that hold any type of balls and sporting gear (tennis rackets, etc), but the top is perfect to let the hockey bag sit on top, opened airing everything up!

      • So you are a hockey mom too! We are currently in the middle of reorganizing our garage. Where did you get the storage units? I’ve got something like that in the shed for the yard toys/sporting gear but it doesn’t have a shelf on top. The kids mostly dump the bags in the front entrance but we do have a space for them in the basement. Thanks for your suggestion.

      • We got them at Target about 13 years ago, and they are on there last leg….hoping to squeeze 3 more years out of it. I have seen them recently at Bed Bath and Beyond. Our house is overrun with gear, but I have a little relief as my oldest plays for his college, so it is smelling up their locker room, =) It is definitely a crazy sport, never imagined that it would have consumed our lives for the past 15 years.

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