Happy Thanksgiving…

There is nothing better than baking during the holidays.  In between meeting with restoration guys who have spent days at my home trying very hard to dry out my finished/carpeted basement after a 2″ flood (pipe came out of water heater) I still managed to find time to bake.  I even sent the guys off with some goodies. […]


Almost three years ago this December we adopted our daughter from China.  We spent Christmas and New Years in Hangzhou.  It was a holiday I will never forget and it was by far the Happiest New Year I have ever had. Our journey was not easy, especially since we ran into nothing but problems throughout the […]


Not sure if you are aware of the wonderful world of CAKE MIX RECIPES.  I had no idea until Pinterest entered my life way back when.  Because I am constantly jugging kids activities, sports, etc… I’m all about quick and easy whether it be baking/cooking or DIY projects, especially when I know my time is […]


I dream about having a MUDROOM!  A beautiful… gorgeous… HGTV/House Beautiful mudroom.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve trip over football/hockey equipment, shoes/sneakers and coats that are thrown on the floor of my front entrance.  Ughhh… It’s pretty sad that a mudroom is top on my list of things I want.  Not a trip to […]


It’s the day after Halloween and if you have little ones at home like I do… then chances are your house is filled with Halloween candy.  I don’t know about you but I am already counting the days until the candy is GONE.  If you don’t have kids at home but purchased candy for the little neighborhood goblin’s then I’m […]