We all know from my last posting that I do NOT like carving pumpkins.   I am, however, thrilled to share some amazing crafty/non carving ways to decorate pumpkins this Halloween.  The ideas are endless and some are very easy to do with children.

I have listed 20 of my favorite pumpkins.  You will find the link directly under each photo.  I hope you enjoy these creative ideas as much as I have.

Happy Monday!

B is for BRILLIANT!  No carving necessary…  Click here for more info.


This is creepy and creative BUT I love it!!!  Details here.


BOO!!!  This button bumpkin is not only EASY but the kids can join in on the fun!  Count the buttons before and make it a Halloween math lesson!   I found the picture here.


What’s Black & White and spiders all over? Click  here for more info.


Spider Web Pumpkins!  Click here for more the details.


The Blinged-Out Pumpkin

Every pumpkin should have a little BLING on Halloween!   This pumpkin is #2 on the list of 37 fabulous ideas.


Black pumpkins with chalk drawings

Use chalk board paint and decorate with chalk.  Spice it up with colored chalk.   Wash off and draw a new design whenever you want to.  This craft idea will definitely keep the kiddos busy!


My favorite is the black and gold  polka dot pumpkin that I found here.



Absolutely amazing!!!  I highly doubt I’ll be doing this one but check out these beautiful painted pumpkins.
Painted Pumpkins | Faux Bois Pumpkins
How cute and creative are these pumpkins?
Well… Hello Mr. Potato Pumpkin Head…  LOVE IT!!!!  I can totally handle this one.
painted pumpkin
EASY PEASY!   Pumkins + Black Marker = NO CARVING!!!  Click here for more ideas.
Seriously…  Who thinks of these adorable ideas???
Click here for 5 more fabulous ideas.
The decoupaged pumpkin.
This one is so pretty I’d hate to toss the pumpkin.  I’d much rather create this on a fake pumpkin so I could save and enjoy it forever!

It’s Mr. Poppers Penguin Pumpkin!   Here is the site on found him on.  He’s #27 on the list.


This is an EASY and yet adorable chevron pumpkin!!!  Would also look good in black.
Here are the details.
Time to glitter up your pumpkin this Halloween!  Detailed info here.
Monogrammed Pumpkin

Another lovely monogramed pumpkin.  More info here.
Cookie Monster pumpkin - no carving necessary!

Here is the…  Cookie Monster Pumpkin.
Soooo cute!  More creative ideas on this site.

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