Pinkberry Pumpkin

Tis the season to break out the PUMPKINS!  Not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way… BUT I am being honest when I say I do not like carving pumpkins.  Never have.  Never will.   I can’t stand the mess, hate the smell and I do NOT like sticking my hand inside to clean it.  BAHhumbug!  Not once was it mentioned in WHAT TO EXPECT THE FIRST YEAR that I needed a PhD in pumpkin carving.  Sorry folks… I have zero pumpkin carving skills.

However, every year I pretend I know what I am doing.  One would think after all these years I would pick up the skill but no such luck.  Who cares if our pumpkin has a lopsided face or his smile is in need of some serious dental work.  There are no rules that state the eyes have to be perfect triangles.  For goodness sakes it’s a pumpkin.

Halloween is just another reminder to everyone that mommy is not the queen of carving.  As a mother of two, it doesn’t make any sense to skip the thrill of pumpkin carving during Halloween.  No one seems to care that I am a much better crafter than carver.  Every year I manage to suck it up while putting on my best carving face, especially since the kids get so excited to carve them.  Notice the word KIDS.  Plural.  TWO pumpkins.  Ughhh…

This year I was determined to find an easy and yet creative way to carve pumpkins.  To my surprise, I was thrilled to find what I believe is one of the best ideas I have seen in a while.  God bless the person who came up with the brilliant idea of using power tools to carve pumpkins.  Granted I am fully aware that I am in no way creating a typical Hallmark moment/memory with my children, especially with the loud sound of a drill echoing at the kitchen table.  This year I have no choice but to chalk it up as a creative Home Depot Halloween project.  I’m almost certain that adding protective goggles will make it that much more exciting.

Below is a creative way to carve beautiful Halloween pumpkins.  Click here for detailed instructions at Crafty Nest.

Stay tuned for my next posting about the many different and yet EASY… I repeat EASY ways to decorate… NOT CARVE pumpkins.

Happy Tuesday!

Pumpkins carved with a drill!


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