OF WHAT IS COMING THIS FALL – As the summer passes I’m excited at the thought of reopening my Etsy store…


In four short months I had almost 300 sales which included thousands of old fashion colored paper straws.  I also sold many favor bags and boxes that were carefully coordinated with themed birthday parties.


I had so much fun working on a daily basis with bubbly brides.  Thankfully I haven’t run into any Bridezilla’s!  It’s always fun receiving overly excited emails when soon-to-be brides learn I have striped paper straws that match perfectly with their bridesmaid dresses or  wedding theme.


One bride planned on serving pink lemonade in mason jars with pink striped straws for her summer outdoor wedding.  Another bride bought 300 lime green straws for her July wedding at a country club.


I have also had the pleasure of working with several event planners and small companies who design wedding/event invitations.  Many have since come back for repeat business.  In addition to brides… I have worked closely with bridesmaids, family members and close friends who are hosting upcoming baby/bridal showers, Christenings, anniversaries, First Communions and themed birthday parties.  The list goes on and on.

I even helped a very excited first time mom pick out items for her child’s first birthday party with over 75 guests attending.


I can honestly say I enjoy selling on Etsy.  I actually like it much better than Ebay.  Best part of all is that I can work in the comforts of my home.

This summer I stayed busy with Instagram (see HOME page bottom right).  As of right now I am thrilled that I have almost 500 followers.

I recently posted pictures on Facebook ( that customers sent this summer.  Below is a picture from a 70th birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard.  I’m thinking next summer I should start hand delivering my packages!  Another photo I received from the Vineyard was of an amazing view of a summer beverage and Bella Bargains straw with a dock/ocean in the background.  Feel free to check out this amazing photo on my Facebook page and please be sure to LIKE us while you are visiting.


I am patiently waiting for all the brides to have their summer/fall weddings so they can send me the photos they promised.

Not only do I sell party supplies but fabric decorated children’s jean jackets, burp clothes, adorable onsies and Boutique bows.  The middle jacket below is decorated with Lilly Pulitzer fabric.  It was the first jacket I made.  I literally ran out one day (shortly after we returned from our China adoption) and purchased a sewing machine, jean jacket and ordered fabric.  Mind you I hadn’t sewed since high school!  I never thought about selling the jackets until people started approaching me the minute my daughter wore it.  I have since created many jackets and will post them on Etsy this fall.






Despite the fact that running an Etsy store does take a lot of work… I absolutely love that I am able to work from home around my schedule AND my children’s schedule.  If you or someone you know has thought about opening an Etsy store…  I strongly encourage you to give it a try, especially if you have items that you know will sell.  Etsy has strict rules that you must abide by so be sure to review them before opening your store.  Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions about Etsy.   I am more than happy to help out any way that I can.

Have a wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEK…

  1. I especially like the adorable children’s jean jacket ! Congrats for your success on both your blog and Etsy ! By the way, you published this “Sneak Peek …” post on my Birthday !!! ❤

    • The jean jackets weren’t in my plan of things to make until people started asking. Someone on Instagram recently asked me to make an adults jacket. I’m blown away at the interest in the jackets. How funny I posted on your birthday! That’s why we get along so great… we both celebrate summer birthdays! Happy Birthday my new friend… Hope it was a wonderful day!!!

    • The paper straws would look terrific with your smoothies. Please send me your email info so I can drop you a personal note. Would love to send you some sample straws…

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