WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MIX  BABY POWDER & SANDY TOES… I encourage everyone to give it a try (at least once) if you haven’t done so already, especially IF you have small children.  When you sprinkle Baby Powder on sandy wet messy toes it makes the sand come off effortlessly.  It’s true.  I do it all the time with my kids.  The other day I posted an Instagram (bellabargains) video with proof that it does indeed work.  It makes life much easier when putting messy sandy wet kids back in the car after a fun day at the beach.  Check out the video and give it a try.  I buy the cheapest no name brand of Baby Powder I can find and keep in my car for the entire summer.  Added bonus: those stinky toes smell baby fresh!

FYI – Unfortunately, My last posting of  UP & AWAY (DIY folder) deleted all my Instagram photos.  Not sure what happened but I have since posted new and improved photos plus easy instructions for a delicious summer treat.  I also included other ideas/pictures for rainy day fun with kids.

Below is a sneak peak of what will soon be posted…

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Summer 2013 1374

Second floor beach house deck.

Summer 2013 1480



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