UP AND AWAY IN MY BEAUTIFUL… MY BEAUTIFUL BALLOON – Despite the fact that we never got the chance to experience the amazing thrill of soaring high in a hot air balloon adventure… we still managed to have some fun with balloons.

It’s just my luck that the rain decided to driveeverymotheronthecapecrazy follow us all the way to Cape Cod.  Surely it could have stopped just before crossing the Bourne Bridge  which is one of the two magical entrances to Cape Cod.

Summer 2013 1317

Bourne, MA

We then completed every puzzle, played a long game of BINGO,  practiced lower/upper case letters and at this point a kid can only color so much.

Summer 2013 1336

Perfect for the little ones still
learning their numbers and letters! 

After exhausting almost ever episode of Cake Boss we were then inspired to play a game of Cake Boss ourselves.  With melted chocolate chips we dipped each and everything we could find (strawberries, rice crispy treats & pretzels) in the kitchen.

Summer 2013 1405

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

It was the kids idea to top off each creation with rainbow sprinkles.  Fine with me if it guaranteed to keep everyone happy.  There was not one clean face in my house.

Summer 2013 1364

Rice Krisbie Treats & Bella Bargains Paper Straws
bellabargains.etsy.com – Opening soon!

Summer 2013 1365

Store bought Rice Krisbie treats!

Summer 2013 1366

Simply cut in half.

Summer 2013 1368

Use half of a Bella Bargains paper straw & dip in chocolate.
Add color with rainbows sprinkles.

Summer 2013 1369

SIMPLE summer fun!
Kids AND adults loved them!

Meanwhile, my husband was texting that his entire office was gathered in the center of the building staying far away from windows because of a sudden tornado watch.  Thankfully, everyone was ok and the area got hit with heavy rain and high winds.

It was only a matter of time that I knew the kids would ask THAT blessed question AGAIN.  What do we do now?  Balloons.  Balloons my friends.  We are going to get creative with balloons.  It was the perfect craft for the girls in the group.  Thank goodness the boys managed to entertain themselves.

My niece literally took her flip flops off her feet and started a creative pattern with balloons.  She did a great job.  Talk about a Before & After project.  She was walking proof of it!  The project was a bit more challenging for little five year old fingers to maneuver the balloons.  We put my daughter in color control and she had a ball picking out colors for everyone.  All in all it was a fun-filled  project and the end results were cheerful, bright and adorable.

With the help of my 12 year old niece  (my professional hand model) she showed me how to create a HOW TO MAKE BALLOON FLIP FLOPS video on Instagram (bellabargains).  Not the best video but not bad for a beginner.   If you’d like to see the video go to the bottom right corner of our HOME page and click on the Instagram photo.  Feel free to FOLLOW US while you are there.  Below are some photos.

Happy Wednesday!  It certainly is for us.  We  just got the call (as I was typing!) that a dear friend gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.  Congratulations M family!   We are so happy for all of you.  If that isn’t enough good news for one day… I am pleased to announce that THE SUN IS SHINING!  Off to the beach!

Enjoy your day!

Summer 2013 1345

Flip Flop Fun for all ages… AND sizes!

Summer 2013 1340

Flip Flop Fun… for everyone!

Summer 2013 1341



2 thoughts on “UP AND AWAY…

    • Thank you so much!!! I’m a little late with my response because we’ve been busy with family/cousins visiting. It was a great 4th. Sun is shining and it’s hot here in MA. Hope the weather is good for you too! Enjoy your day!

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