Shut the… FRONT DOOR!  I did it!  I spent one morning when the kids were in school and painted the blessed front door.  It desperately needed a dark color color since the white was covered with a zillion scratch marks.  Some areas looked like massive skid marks from my kids coming and going with bikes, hockey equipment, backpacks and to be perfectly honest… I’m not sure what the heck they did to make those marks.  Some marks look like it was hit by a monster truck!  In any case… the door was screaming PAINT ME!!!

I picked a lovely shade of blue that matched perfectly with the shutters.  End result:  AMAZING!  I am VERY happy with the newly painted door.  Best part of all NO MORE bleep’n SKID MARKS!

My biggest dilemma right now is trying to figure out if I should paint the door by the garage.  I also thought about painting the garage doors blue but not sure since it would be a HUGE mistake/mess if it didn’t look good.

Would very much appreciate your input/expertise on this topic.  We purchased the big bucket of paint so there is more than enough to paint another door… and the neighbors doors!

Have a great day!


Hello boring white door!
Need to work on changing the star color next.


Yahooo! First coat of paint.
Bye… Bye… skid marks (hard to see in this photo)!


Time for one more coat of beautiful blue paint!
I’m like’n it already and haven’t even been outside yet to see it with the house.


Hello new door! Where have you been all my life? I LOVE IT!
Ignore UGLY stairs. Ughh… Any suggestions?
Wish the monster truck hit the stairs on the way in!


Picture does not do justice!
It was hard capturing the perfect photo because of the glass door in front.
This door is much nicer in person.


Do I paint the side door blue?
What about the two garage doors?
Would love your input!


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