RAINBOW LOOM – Super fun rubber band bracelet making kit!

WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!!!   Seriously… I’m pretty crafty.  I could have easily grabbed a few rubber bands, stuck them together to create bracelets AND then made MILLIONS!  Ughh…

We were obviously one of the last families in town to get our Rainbow Loom kit.  By the time we rushed to our local Learning Express (on a Friday) we were told there was a waiting list OR we could come back on Monday when they got a new shipment.  We opted to go back Monday.

In the eyes of a kid… this was by far the BEST investment Ev-AH (love my Boston accent!).  That box sure did make two kids happy in our house not to mention the time it kept them busy making bracelets.

So here is the scoop about the RAINBOW LOOM kit.  Children must be 8+ years to use it.  It is also a big time CHOKING HAZARD for kids under 3 yrs.  My 5 year old loves her new bracelets that her brother made her.  I’m not worried  about the choking because she doesn’t put anything in her mouth.  I would, however, worry about young kids wearing these bracelets… especially if your kids put things in their mouths.

HERE it is…

The million dollar invention that is nothing more than a bunch of colorful RUBBER BANDS! 

Go figure…


Our kit came with 600+ latex free rubber bands that allows us to make up to 24 bracelets.  That’s about .71/bracelet… but I’m thinking we’ll get more than 24 since my daughters wrists are small.

The kit comes with a loom and  hook.  Below are the different things that can be made. 

All this for $16.99

We didn’t get into ring making but apparently you can make those as well. 

RL 3

Here is our fun colored collection so far.  We went on YouTube for  videos to make fancier/thicker  bracelets.  The red, black and white one at the top of the picture is a YouTube creation. 

RL 6

Here are the girlie creations.  The one to the left is another YouTube Fancy Nancy creation.

RL pic 2

Here are some more creations…

 RL 5

I found some regular rubber bands at home and tried to trick the system.  I figured we could use my supply when the kids ran out of rubber bands.  It did work but the bracelets pinched your skin and we quickly learned that the ones that come with the kit are much softer on your wrist. 

Oh well… I tried! 

RL 7

All in all the RAINBOW LOOM kit is a HUGE hit at our house. 

It’s also a terrific under $20 birthday gift for that special someone.

RAINBOW LOOM got a thumbs up from BELLA BARGAINS!

Happy bracelet making everyone!!!


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