Do you have any challenging puzzles at home that you have absolutely no idea how to put back together?  Well… I do and I came up with a simple solution to keep those darn puzzles together.

I was sick and tired of seeing puzzle pieces scattered throughout the house.  I am always hesitant on tossing them not knowing which puzzle they belong to.  Then I came up with a brilliant idea… TAKE A PHOTO OF THE DARN PUZZLE.  A simple solution.

Below is a photo of a puzzle that we have at the house.  I knew that once it came apart that there was no guarantee that it would ever be put back together.  It was then I decided to grab my cell phone and take a quick photo of it.  Later I stored the photo on my computer.  Best idea ever, especially since we have pulled up the photo many times in order to finish the puzzle.

Just a friendly FYI for those of you who can totally relate.



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