I got this wonderful idea from Pinterest.  Trust me… YOU are going to LOVE this idea!

Do you transport kids in your car?

Are they messy kids and drop “stuff” all over the place?

Do they eat in your car and then drop the wrappers the minute they are done?

Do they bring trash into your car that you had no idea about until you started to clean?

Are you sick and tired of cleaning your own car because your kids made the mess?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above THEN… I’ve got the answer for YOU!

Rush out as soon as you can to Target, Walmart, Wegman’s or any store that sells LARGE CEREAL CONTAINERS.

YES!  You heard me right.  Get the biggest and best cereal container you can find.  Splurge… it might cost you up to $10.00!  Trust me… well worth every penny.

Now take your amazing CEREAL CONTAINER with that gorgeous lid that pops up and down.  It’s perfect for little fingers that will be using the container ASAP.  Place the container it in the back seat of your car.  Mine is on the floor right behind the drivers side and directly in front of one of my two culprits.  Explain to your little passengers that this beautiful cereal container is your new and improved CAR TRASH BIN.  I know… it sounds silly BUT trust me… this works and will help keep your car clean.  Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee it will work all the time BUT it does help!  It also makes life easier for you when tossing out the little “stuff” that you find all over your car.

Do not allow those little buggers to stuff large empty items such as water bottles like my kids try to do in your container.  Big items take up too much space.  This trash bin is perfect for all that little “stuff” that I swear multiplies in the back seat while we are driving.  No clue where the stuff comes from but this helps with wrappers, little papers, small rocks (yup… ROCKS in my car!), tissues, etc.

Now remember… the next time you get gas… dump out your bin.  That’s another reason I keep mine right behind my seat.  It’s easy to grab when getting gas and the trash barrel is usually right there in front of me.  No need to ever bring the car trash bin into your house and then forget the bin in your kitchen.  It should stay in the car 24/7.

Here is a picture of my wonderful CAR TRASH BIN.

Cereal Container + Car Trash = CLEAN CAR!!!

Cereal Container + Car Trash = CLEAN CAR!!!

Below is a bin I found at Target.  It gives you an example of the cost.  You just want to find the biggest one.


Let me know if anyone already does this OR if you plan on doing this.  It’s an easy way to keep your car clean.  It can also be easily washed or hosed down when necessary.

Happy car cleaning everyone!


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