AND DON’T YOU COME BACK NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE I am actually singing this song but unfortunately you can’t hear me (lucky you!). We are finally on our way to our Cape Cod, MA.  After NINE days of having a horrific flu (plus one week before when everyone else in the house […]

20 FABULOUS RECIPES… for July 4th

JULY 4th RECIPES (Part 2)  What can I say?  I am hooked on 4th of July recipes!  Unfortunately, I keep seeing the same recipes over and over again on Pinterest.  It was then I decided to venture off on a search of my own.  You will not believe what I found. Below are pictures of […]


CAN YOU TELL WHICH WATCH COSTS…  $39,800? Try to pick out the one that costs $4,950. How about the two $30 watches… Can you find them? Click on the link below to go directly to the POLYVORE site with prices. GOOD LUCK! GET THE LOOK FOR LESS! WATCHES… by bellajackets featuring silver jewelry Cartier bracelet / […]


Shut the… FRONT DOOR!  I did it!  I spent one morning when the kids were in school and painted the blessed front door.  It desperately needed a dark color color since the white was covered with a zillion scratch marks.  Some areas looked like massive skid marks from my kids coming and going with bikes, hockey […]


RAINBOW LOOM – Super fun rubber band bracelet making kit! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!!!   Seriously… I’m pretty crafty.  I could have easily grabbed a few rubber bands, stuck them together to create bracelets AND then made MILLIONS!  Ughh… We were obviously one of the last families in town to get our Rainbow Loom […]

PHOTOS – Sneak peek…

MY PERSONAL PHOTO COLLECTION Here is a sneak peek of some photos from my collection.  Eventually, I hope to post photos from different vacations… one vacation at a time.   If you haven’t done so already… please check out my St. John, VI photos.  It’s my first posting under PHOTOS. I am not a photographer… just someone who […]


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! Hard to believe that the 4th of July is right around the corner.  Below are some of my favorite patriotic desserts that I found on Something Swanky.  Out of 60+ desserts posted… believe… you… me… it wasn’t easy finding a few favorites.  Each and every one looks colorful, delicious and perfect […]


ALL ABOUT STRAWBERRIES… If you are like me AND love fresh summer strawberries then YOU are going to LOVE the desserts below. Each dessert was found on Pinterest.  All links to these delicious recipes are listed directly under each photo. Do you have summer strawberry recipes?  Please share if you do! Make it a great day!


GREAT IDEA FOR PUZZLES Do you have any challenging puzzles at home that you have absolutely no idea how to put back together?  Well… I do and I came up with a simple solution to keep those darn puzzles together. I was sick and tired of seeing puzzle pieces scattered throughout the house.  I am always […]


HOW ABOUT ADDING A  SPLASH OF SUNSHINE IN YOUR HOME? It’s amazing how much one color (especially yellow!) can brighten up and change the entire look of  a room.  My son’s room is a soft shade of  yellow.  I recently changed his curtains to red which look amazing against the yellow.  We also have yellow […]


IF YES… You’ll love what a splash of ORANGE can do to a home.  Paint over a chair, table or old frames with a bright/fun shade of orange.   Add orange pillows to brighten up a family room or bedroom.  Maybe you’d prefer a burnt orange instead.  Regardless of which shade of orange you decide on… this color […]


PHOTOGRAPHY – St. John VI I love taking photos whenever I can.  Below is a small collection of photos from a vacation earlier this year in St. John, VI.  St. John is by far one of the most beautiful places I have visited.  The water is crystal clear and gorgeous.  St. John, VI and Santorini  are my absolute […]

CAPE COD – Before & After

BEFORE & AFTER  – SUMMER HOUSE KITCHEN (Cape Cod) Every summer we do new projects to our Cape house.  Sadly, we haven’t spent much time on the outside since our indoor projects take up all our time.   For over ten years out home was a rental property.  We had a lot of cleaning to […]


How about adding a little bright GREEN to your room? I never thought about using a bright green color when decorating a home until I saw these pictures.  I picked my favorite photos from houzz.com.  If you are looking to add a simple splash of color to any room… then you will want to check […]


A SPLASH OF TURQUOISE BRIGHTENS UP ANY ROOM Who doesn’t love turquoise? I love the color but never know where to put it in a room.  The photos below have given me terrific ideas.  I think turquoise would look fabulous in a summer home. Enjoy the photos from my favorite website… houzz.com. Have a wonderful […]


BLUE & WHITE REMINDS ME OF A SUMMER COTTAGE There is something about putting blue and white colors together that reminds me of a gorgeous beach house overlooking the ocean.  My summer home on Cape Cod is full of blues, whites & yellows.  Below are  photos from my home as well as beautiful photos from […]


QUICK & EASY… BEFORE & AFTER – $3.00 Candlestick Holder THIS DIY PROJECT IS SO EASY!!! All you need is a very cheap yard sale find AND a can of black spray paint that works on metal.  I happened to have a can at home already so I didn’t have to spend money on the […]


CREATIVE CAR TRASH BIN I got this wonderful idea from Pinterest.  Trust me… YOU are going to LOVE this idea! Do you transport kids in your car? Are they messy kids and drop “stuff” all over the place? Do they eat in your car and then drop the wrappers the minute they are done? Do they […]


A SIMPLE SPLASH OF RED CHANGES A ROOM COMPLETELY – from houzz.com I’m not sure why… BUT I absolutely love a room that has RED in it! I don’t have a lot of red in my house but did manage to add a few fun items on my enclosed porch.  I have a vintage red cooler, […]