Here is the real color…


This is a SIMPLE and yet fun DIY project for kids of all ages.

We ended up making a few of these flower pots as gifts.  It was such a big hit… everyone loved it.  This one I kept for myself.  It’s actually bright red but I changed the setting of the photo and couldn’t find the original picture.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Purchase a plain flower pot.
  2. Spray paint the entire pot any color.
  3. Dip little hands in any color paint.  I picked white so it would stand out.
  4. Take the opposite end of the paint brush and dip in paint then dot the top section.
  5. Add a beautiful plant and you are done.
  6. Perfect gift for that special someone!

I picked a flowering plant for myself so I could enjoy the flowers on my porch for a couple weeks.  You can also spray paint with a waterproof clear coat if you would like.  My flower pot stays indoors all the time so I didn’t bother to spray a waterproof coat.

The kids had a ball making these as gifts.  For the grandparents flower pot I let them paint any design they wanted  with lots of colors.  My son painted a sailboat so that my parents could keep it at their beach house.  It just figures I forgot to get a photo!

Our flower pots were  a HUGE hit and better than any store bought gift.  They were  also one of a kind!!!

Happy painting!


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