Peeps Anyone?

Chocolate Covered Peeps

White & Dark Chocolate Decorated PEEPS!


                                                                     Peeps, Peeps & more Peeps!


Beautiful Easter Colors

Chocolate covered bunnies!

Chocolate Covered Bunnies

Who doesn’t love PEEPS?!!!
I know my kids do!
Love… Love… Love… this fun-filled EASY way to decorate Easter PEEPS!

This is such a fun, colorful and again… EASY way to dress up and serve EASTER PEEPS.  Who doesn’t love EASY?  I know I do, especially when doing an activity with my children.

Kids of all ages can join in on the fun.  I’m seriously thinking about doing a PEEPS station (like a cookie party but Peeps Party instead!) this Easter.  My nieces, nephews and my own children will absolutely love it.

First I’ll have them decorate my white window bags with their names and colorful Easter designs.  Then we will dip, design and decorate PEEPS.  When we are done cleaning up the mess! we will store our little Peep-sters in the window bags.  It’s a do-it-yourself take home Easter favor that everyone can enjoy.

I am very excited and 99.9% sure this Easter activity will be a HUGE hit.

Here is the link to my white window bags if anyone is interested:

I have lots of other bags at my Etsy store but figured the pretty Easter colors will shine through the window bags.

Here is the original link to all the pictures posted.  It’s a wonderful blog from “Your Homebased Mom” that explains in detail how to decorate Easter PEEPS.



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