Chocolate Room

AN ENTIRE ROOM MADE OUT OF CHOCOLATE!  Wow!  Imagine what the Easter bunny does at this sculptor’s house!  It only seems fitting to post this article as Easter is just around the corner.  After two weeks and 1,300 lbs of Belgian chocolate, this woman created an entire room out of chocolate at a shopping center.

Those lucky little shoppers will later enjoy small chunks of chocolate when they eventually break up the room and offer it to visitors.  Not sure I’ll be the first one in line munching on small remnants of a store display but the talent this woman has is amazing.  I can’t even make a sculpture out of my kids play dough never mind whip up an entire room made out of chocolate.  Let’s hope the air conditioning doesn’t run into any problems this week.

For all you chocolate lovers… click below to indulge in this choc-a-holic article:





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