Welcome to the Bella Bargains Blog!

That sure is a lot of B’s!  

My love for party planning prompted me to open Bella Bargains.  My first store is bellajackets.etsy.com.  Not sure why but I love the name BELLA!   The store consists of mostly vintage items as well as beautiful children’s jean jackets (hand decorated with gorgeous fabric by… ME!), beautiful boutique bows, crochet headbands/hats and so much more.  The vintage store continues to do very well but about a month ago I had the dire need to open up a second Etsy store.

Because of my love for party planning, it only made sense that I open a party supply store.  My main goal is to give everyone amazing deals on terrific items.  I am tired of paying top dollar at a local party stores for supplies that are not top quality.  Every party is special whether it be a birthday, anniversary, holiday, wedding, Christening, First Communion, etc.  The list goes on and on.  To me the best part of planning a party is picking out the perfect theme and then running with it.  End result… a fabulous party!

To my surprise, sales have taken off at the new store.  I can’t seem to keep paper straws in stock.  I currently have over 1,000 straws on a waiting list for upcoming Spring/Summer weddings.  I continue to wait patiently for more supplies to arrive and when they finally do… I can’t wait to share them with you!  



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