The boxes have arrived!


Aren’t these the cutest little Easter bags? Perfect for Easter! Click on the photo for more info.

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see at least 10 boxes piled high in front of the garage.  It is truly amazing that the orders were placed at different times and yet they all arrived today at the exact same time.  I was even more happy knowing that hubby wubby was not expected home until the next couple of hours.   It’s a good thing because my front hallway is looking a lot like the UPS dumping zone!

The kids took part in helping me bring the boxes inside despite the fact that my older son is home with strep.  Ughh…  Thankfully, my little one is deep in Lala Land as she takes a MUCH NEEDED NAP.  Sigh.  Time is ticking before little Ms. Sunshine comes bouncing down the stairs fully recharged.  I have no choice but to be quick with this posting so I can start listing things in my Etsy store (

As you can see… I posted two of the most adorable items.  I am so happy with the quality of both of them and cannot wait to show everyone all of the other new items.

Too many to list on my blog.  Gotta run.  Time is ticking.  I’ll let you know when everything gets listed.


Click on the photo for more information.


Mickey & Minnie’s ears have arrived at Bella Bargains! Perfect for birthday party favors or dress up.



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