Best prices around!!!

Best prices around!!!

Bella Bargain straws are flying off the shelves!  No sooner do I get them, they are sold, packaged and shipped to a new location.  My Etsy buyers have said that the straws are for themed birthday parties (including an 80th bday), anniversaries and lots of weddings.  It’s so exciting to know that my straws are going to add color to fun-filled events.

I continue to wait patiently for a very large order of over 10,000 straws to arrive.  With any luck they will be delivered soon.  I currently have a waiting list for over 1,000 straws which are for upcoming weddings, including one in Hilton Head.  My fingers (& toes!) are crossed in the hopes that they will arrive soon.

I look forward to sharing  the new colors and patterns with everyone the minute they arrive.  In the meantime, be sure to check out my new themed items (Communion, Christening, Circus/Carnival boxes, Pirate boxes, napkins, etc.).


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